Happiness is All About Balance

A good life is all about balance.

To be happy we must purpose to achieve that balance in all facets of life.

Work Life Balance

That’s what the 52.7 plan is all about.

Betsy and I were talking about it today as we hiked a section of the Mountains-To-Sea Trail through the beautiful Appalachians. You need to take time each day to nourish yourself in all areas of your being – if you want to reach balance, happiness, and holistic health.

Today we let our bodies wake themselves up (without an alarm), cooked and sat down to a healthy quiet breakfast, read our bibles together, caught up on some work, imported transactions into our budgeting software, and did our daily individual devotions before heading out for an inspiring and rigorous hike.

What areas of our life did we cover there?

  • Mental (getting enough sleep and getting outside)
  • Family (time for each other)
  • Spiritual (time in the Word together and separate daily devotions)
  • Financial (mastering money by staying up on our budget)
  • Career (staying caught up on our work)
  • Physical (good food, exercise)

The only area left to cover is Social. I think I’ll holler at a few friends to see if they want to join me for a beer at a cool new place me and Betsy found during a leisure drive last week.

What about you?

Are you striving to strike a balance or is your life lopsided and out of whack?

Take time to address each area of your life – every day – and work to strike a holistic balance so you feel more fulfilled and complete.

I dare you to try it.


photo by aeu04117

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