To-Do Lists Can Change Your Life

So, I’m not the best at getting things done. Betsy is much better.

It makes sense, she stresses about everything, I stress about very little.

Traditionally, she’s the one with the to-do list, I’m just the guy cracking jokes in the corner.

But even though I have a harder time getting things done, I still like getting things done.

So what can people like me do?

Though I don’t have the perfect answer, I can offer the solution that has worked for me.

To-Do Lists done your way

To-do lists have to be right for you, and they have to be right for me too.

Some people like writing lists down (Betsy). Others like voice notes. I like software.

What do you like? Find your solution, start using it, and stop making excuses.

SoftwareRemember The Milk

Since I like software, this is how I can best make recommendations.

I have an iPod Touch 5th gen (basically an iPhone 5 w/o the phone) and – so far – my favorite app is Remember The Milk.

All the same software apps are typically available on iOS, Android, and the web.

My top app choices were between RTM, Astrid, Any.DO (which may turn into my fave once their iPhone app includes repeating tasks), and Wunderlist.

At the time of review (1/8/2013), here’s how I ordered them:

  1. Remember The Milk
  2. Any.DO
  3. Astrid
  4. Wunderlist

And I’m telling you, RTM has changed my life, so be sure to check it (or any of the other options, including handwritten lists) out.

Other options

I had two well respected friends (Peter and Larry) advise that Evernote changed their lives, so be sure to check that software out too.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a simple way to identify, track, and achieve goals check out Lift.

So what about you?

My advice? Test a solution, pick your favorite, go with it, and start getting more stuff done.



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  1. Thanks for the mention Matt – Definitely need to use whatever works for you, because if it doesn’t, you won’t use it.

    I just like Evernote because it’s a one stop shop for everything: documents, text notes, scanned docs, pictures, to-do lists, draft articles, etc etc. It literally is my electronic brain.

    One of the best parts is that it’s accessible from pretty much any device – web interface, cell phone, tablet and computer. Evernote is all of my information available anytime from anywhere and when I need it.

    I’m sure I sound like an Evernote salesman, but I promise I have no ties other than just loving it.

  2. I’ve tried a couple dozen different to-do lists, but I’ve found I don’t like any of the digital versions. I prefer old school paper. The best I’ve found is this one from Neville of AppSumo –

    I’ve been using it for a couple months now and find it keeps me accountable in ways digital to-do lists don’t.

    That said, I do like EverNote. I’m not a cpower user, but I love that notes can be accessed anywhere. I just find myself using it for things other than my to-do list.