Stop Eating Fast Food

Betsy and I committed to stop eating fast food over five years ago, and we haven’t buckled yet.

In fact, we view it as one of our best health decisions to date.

Here is a nifty infographic listing a bunch of helpful info on the fast food industry – an industry that does NOT deserve our support.

We vote with our dollars every day by not participating in this unsustainable, unhealthy, megacorp approach to food.

We dare you to join us.

Stop Eating Fast Food


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  1. Tracy Shelley says

    While I agree with what you have to say about fast food, I don’t think it fair to single them out. Much of what is served in most restaurants nationwide is processed “food”. Processed food is processed food whether you buy it at McDonald’s, Applebee’s or the grocery store.

  2. Love this! Haven’t eaten any fast food in well over 2 years. Never will again. We do get the occasional pizza though… not from PH. We buy from a local mom & pop shop around the corner.

  3. Kathy Beauchmp says

    I dont know if you remember this, but I occasionally took you guys to McDonalds as kids but never ate the food. You guys thought it was a treat! 🙂 I just sat and drank orange juice to set a good example. Thanks for the good info!