Stop Eating Fast Food

Betsy and I committed to stop eating fast food over five years ago, and we haven't buckled yet. In fact, we view it as one of our best health decisions to date. Here is a nifty infographic listing a bunch of helpful info on the fast food industry - an industry that does NOT deserve our support. We vote with our dollars every day by not participating in this unsustainable, unhealthy, … [Read more...]

Butter or Margarine

Which do You Eat? Read this article on butter or margarine, use today to make a healthy choice, and spread the word! We need to get back to eating the foods God made for us! Get to Know Your Farmers You know your doctor and your dentist, but what about your farmer? You don't know your farmer? Why the heck not? Visit to find some in your area. ******* … [Read more...]

Check Out My Natural Health Tonic

Apple cider vinegar, honey, and vitamin C are ancient healers and a powerful combination for treating colds, flu, arthritis, indigestion, obesity, eczema, and a host of other ailments. I drink this tonic at the first sign of a cold/flu/whatever, and I haven't been sick in years. Matt's Natural Health Tonic Ingredients: 1 Tbsp raw honey (find a local source on 1 … [Read more...]