You Have To Try This Chili

The Best Chili RecipeSomewhere along the way, chili lost it’s mojo.

The average bowl of chili gracing the American dining table usually sucks.

Let’s fix that.

The word “chili” is an alteration of the Spanish chile con carne meaning chili with meat and is a stew with a chili sauce base.

Since the dish gets its name from the chili pepper we learn that, at origin, the featured ingredient was chili peppers.

THIS is where most people drop the ball. They forget the chili peppers.

So I set out to rediscover chili’s roots by creating a chili that pays tribute to the delicious historical dish that swept the country. And after much trial and error I was successful.

Download the Great Chili Recipe .pdf file.

You can also read my original article about the recipe on our website – The Best Chili Recipe.

I dare you to try it. Make sure you let me know how you liked it.

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